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Raise awareness. Create change. Inspire.

Climate crisis is real and happening right now! ’GIRLS FOR FUTURE’ is an inspiring movie about 4 young front line activists, aged between 11 and 14 years from Indonesia, Senegal, India and Australia. They represent the voice of a new generation directly affected by climate crisis and environmental degradation at their doorstep. Their courage and power to fight back is contagious. This film can raise awareness, create change and inspire others to get involved, be it in the global south or the global north. Our impact strategy is therefore focusing on two goals: measurable tangible impact in the girls’ countries and a broad education campaign.

Our Action Program will continue and amplify the work that the four girls have started in their communities. We will collaborate with powerful NGOs and key stakeholders in the four countries and use the film to bring them together.

Additionally to the feature length film, we have developed a series of 4 x 25 Min, each dedicated to one girl and their specific problem. The short films are designed for educational purposes to be shown in classrooms around the world.









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